Historically, Plain Dealing was prone to flooding and a project was carried out to reduce this. In 1955, the town and the local Lions Club held a meeting to find a solution to the flood. They applied for assistance through The Small Watershed Program and they had shorelines cleared and leveled, roads blacktopped, debris cleaned up and grass planted after one of these floods. The assistance they received was a total for $52,000. To prevent future flooding, Lake Plain Dealing was formed. Lake Plain Dealing is also used by the public for water recreation and fishing. A second lake, Dogwood Lake also serves as a resource for wildlife and is a fishing area. The third lake, Cypress Bayou Number Three, was used only for flood control. The dams for these lakes were finished in 1961 and Upper West Fork Cypress Bayou received a “Watershed of the Year” award in 1961.

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